Yes! It’s that time again—it’s time for SDC’s Playbill giveaway! In line with the opening of Phantom in Manila this August, SDC is giving away a POTO Playbill to one lucky follower!

Contest rules and guidelines:


1. You must be following thestagedoorcanteen on Tumblr
2. Reblog this post to enter the raffle. You may reblog as many times as you want! Likes do not count.
3. Make sure your ask boxes are open so we can contact you. 


1. You must be following @sdcanteen on Twitter
2. Tweet “I want to win a Phantom playbill from @SDCanteen (!” to enter the raffle
3. Make sure your tweets aren’t protected so we can see it! 


1. Like The Stage Door Canteen on Facebook
2. Post “I want to win a Phantom playbill from The Stage Door Canteen” (tag us!) on your wall/timeline.
3. Make sure your posts are public so we can see it! 

• Contest ends on August 17
• You may enter using any of the three ways, or all.
Every post, tweet and reblog will be considered an entry.

This is open to Philippine residents only (Sorry, we’re still broke!)
 We will assign numbers to each entry and pick a winner using a random number generator. If you’re curious, here’s how. We will be announcing the winner on August 19.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Oliver Oliveros of Philippines! :)

Good luck, everyone!

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